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So another year comes to an end, and I'm about to complete another revolution around the sun - enough that I can still count them, but they're certainly starting to add up.

2012 was a year of ups and downs for me - I had to deal with numerous injuries and mishaps, and spent a good number of days in maintenance mode. There's stuff I've tackled that I didn't get to finish, and work is piling up already for 2013.

On the other hand, an end to my debt proceedings is in sight for the middle of the year - sure, there'll be the court fees to pay off and settle for good, but once I'm through I'm a free man again, if you say so. That gives me a positive outlook at least that things will change for the better next year.

Also, in the second half of 2012 a a number of very special people became important my life and gave the nudge into the right direction - it's been a wild trip at times, but it's been a true revelation to learn that I'm not alone with certain feelings.
I guess even when you're an old fart like I am, you can still find out things about yourself you didn't know yet, and your support and encouragement has helped me greatly. Thanks to you all.

For everyone else, have a wonderful new year, no matter how you intend to celebrate, and see you all in 2013. :)

(Oh, and the best bit of 2012? I got laid. :P)
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