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Jetzt mit bis zu drei Parkettsorten von Optik Kacke, alles handgeklöppelt.

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Gem Mania

Jul. 31st, 2011 07:30 am
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I absolutely love how Peter Serafinowicz does the fake and tacky American accent in that one.

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Hey, finally some use for all that junk I've got piled up in the basement!

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That's the car my mother crashed in 1979. Seeing that review, I now think I know why. =)

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France Gall, born 1942 in Paris, started her career in the early 1960s, assisted by her parents' acquaintance Serge Gainsbourg and promptly won the Grand Prix Eurovision for Luxembourg in 1965 with her song "Poupée de cire, poupée du son". After winning Eurovision, she left for Germany, recording a number of German language songs in the years between 1966 to 1973, scoring some moderate hits in the German charts.

France Gall later went back to France and disappeared into relative obscurity until 1987, where she managed what she didn't achieve in her earlier German-language career - a Number 1 hit in Germany, this time sung in French. Her song "Ella elle l'a" (a song about Ella Fitzgerald) reached the top of the charts in Germany and Austria in May 1988, as well as scoring number 2 in France.

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Interesting how things change - news from 27 years ago, with an IRA bomb in London, a nightclub fire in Madrid and gunpoint arson in Amsterdam. One can only imagine how the news outlets would be screeching and screaming at the top of their lungs today, and how one breaking news bulletin would hunt the other, were this to happen today.

Less dangerous times? Maybe not. More level-headed media reports? Definitely.


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